Police Department


99 Municipal Ave.
Crossville, TN 38555
Phone: (931) 484-7231

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 7:30am - 4:00pm


Chief: Rodney Shoap

Officer of the Month



The Crossville Cumberland County Crimestoppers program
has been a tremendous success in our community. With an average cash payout of over $200.00 and a track record of 100% anonymous tips, we expect great success in the future!
CRIMESTOPPERS continues to remain totally anonymous.

Call Sgt. Brian Eckelson at (931)484-7231 OR (931)200-1173 to find out how you will positively remain anonymous, even while collecting your reward!

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Accident reports may be purchased online at www.tnbuycrash.com



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The City of Crossville Police Departments Relay for Life team- The City Kitties participated in the Relay’s annual chili cook-off held at the Crossville Depot January 10. Kristi Cook City police employee and Relay team Captain was awarded 3rd place for her entry of Chicken Chili. This was the first fundraiser for the Relay for Life teams, with several other events to follow. Please help support this vital organization by attending a fundraiser event or participating on a team.



Officer of the Year 2014

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From left to right, Ptl Don Johnson, Ptl Daniel Coleman, Chief David Beaty, Ptl Andrew King, Ptl Tim Vandever. The officer's were all selected for the Chief's Officer of The Year 2014, Chief Beaty would like to congratulate these four Officers for their hard work and dedication to making the City of Crossville a safe place to live, work, and play.



A recent letter from a concerned citizen:

                My name is Matthew. I am a maintenance man at a local apartment complex. For many years this apartment complex was known as a hot spot for drugs and crime.

                The present owners of the apartments bought the property 3 years ago, but they themselves lived out of state. The property was purchased with an on-site manager living there. They started getting calls and e-mails about their property, so they flew here and stayed a week. They were shocked and very upset to find the property in such need of many repairs and all the drug activity going on right in front of them. They went back home, packed their things and moved to Crossville immediately. Right from the jump they fired the on-site manager and took over his administrative duties and hired me to do maintenance and repairs. To date the owners have spent about 5 times the amount the property brought in so far this year. And progress is still ongoing.

                The owners are good-hearted people who want “all” their tenants to have a clean safe home to live in and raise a family. The same as they want for themselves. And this apartment complex does not have any children in it.

                Even after all the money the owners spent to clean and fix this place up, it did not address the drug problems we were having. So I contacted Assistant Police Chief Sherrill and explained how the owners and I want to get all the drug activity off the property.

                It’s been my experience, from the time when I was running a neighborhood watch program that just having a police presence in troubled spots can have a major positive affect. I then asked Asst. Chief Sherrill if he could send a squad car through the complex now and then. He said he’d be happy to. A couple of hours later, as it got dark, a squad car came through. Then 20 minutes later, here comes another. And this continued all night.

                This went on for 3 days. During that time you would not believe the impact it had. All of a sudden all the illegal activity stopped.

                Our good tenants started coming out on their porches and socializing for the first time. The atmosphere here is now one of peace and tranquility. We don’t have any strange cars coming around all times of the day and certain tenants who are part of the problem, disappeared all of a sudden. I guess they did not feel comfortable with all the police presence.

                This apartment complex is definitely changing for the better.

                Thank you Assistant Chief Sherrill for your help in this matter and to all the patrolmen who kept making rounds, you guys are awesome! You really shook up the criminal elements so bad, some of them felt they had to move. Awesome job guys!

                On behalf of the owners and myself, if ever we can be of help to you, all you need to do is mention it and we will help in any way we can.

                Again, thank you all so much!